Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as the salary you gain and make per year. There are jobs in the medical healthcare system, that draw attention due to their title or what the employees are required to do. As a phlebotomist working in the healthcare medical area, the basic lines in which an individual works is the area of collecting blood from a patient for the transfusion, testing medical and clinical conditions, as well as for donation and research. Also, a great phlebotomist salary can be achieved with a secure and a comfortable job in the area of phlebotomy.

Phlebotomists are medical experts trained with programs that are certified. Usually, the programs can be taken online, but the best option is to be in a classroom. The training includes a number of practical hours, where the individuals develop the necessary experience in all the phlebotomy procedures.

Their primarily drill is to collect blood by performing venipunctures or by collecting a minute’s quantity of blood. The chart of a job description for a phlebotomist includes drills like explaining correctly and accurately the procedures required to the patients, perform skin or vein puncture, withdrawing blood into containers or tubes, properly identifying the patient and interpreting the tests that are being requested on requisition and give specimen to a CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist) or to MLS (Medical Laboratory Scientist). As an early phase of what phlebotomists did, a technique with leeches was used in order to extract the blood, but also to remove the toxins from the blood stream. More