Every job has its own advantages and disadvantages as well as the salary you gain and make per year. There are jobs in the medical healthcare system, that draw attention due to their title or what the employees are required to do. As a phlebotomist working in the healthcare medical area, the basic lines in which an individual works is the area of collecting blood from a patient for the transfusion, testing medical and clinical conditions, as well as for donation and research. Also, a great phlebotomist salary can be achieved with a secure and a comfortable job in the area of phlebotomy.

Phlebotomists are medical experts trained with programs that are certified. Usually, the programs can be taken online, but the best option is to be in a classroom. The training includes a number of practical hours, where the individuals develop the necessary experience in all the phlebotomy procedures.

Their primarily drill is to collect blood by performing venipunctures or by collecting a minute’s quantity of blood. The chart of a job description for a phlebotomist includes drills like explaining correctly and accurately the procedures required to the patients, perform skin or vein puncture, withdrawing blood into containers or tubes, properly identifying the patient and interpreting the tests that are being requested on requisition and give specimen to a CLS (Clinical Laboratory Scientist) or to MLS (Medical Laboratory Scientist). As an early phase of what phlebotomists did, a technique with leeches was used in order to extract the blood, but also to remove the toxins from the blood stream.

There are states which require a phlebotomist to have a license or a registration. In the US, a phlebotomist special state certification is required in four states: Washington, Nevada, Louisiana and in California. In order to gain the access to sit for an examination, a phlebotomy course must be completed as well as documentation with the practical experience that was obtained. The national certification of a phlebotomist can be obtained through various and different organizations like ACA (American Certification Agency) or AMT (American Medical Technologists) and so on.

A phlebotomist salary can vary a lot according to the level of education, the training achieved, the level of experience and nonetheless its skills of performing the tasks. Based on the employment, a phlebotomist technician is highly on demand due to the many places that search to hire three shifts of professional technicians.

The main advantage when you choose phlebotomy is that the training period is very short, compared to other medical fields and the jobs can be easily found. A phlebotomist usually works in hospitals, medical offices, and clinics. As a description, a phlebotomist salary per year could reach to $29,100. But as mentioned earlier, the education and the experience make the difference.

In every case in this fascinating career opportunity, the entry level for a technician can be estimated between $20,500 and $24,800 and with the increase in the level of education and the experience gained, it could reach an amount of more than $39,000 per year.

A phlebotomist salary will be affected by not only to the area where you live, but also by the type of practice that you do. Whether it is in the public or the private practice, or in hospitals, the location makes a difference. A private practice will pay less due to the lower percentage in the volume of patients while in hospitals the payment is likely to be much higher than in the private sector.

The annual phlebotomist salary can be influenced among other factors by the phlebotomist services that are required in one area and the living costs. For example, the employers that can be found in the metropolitan areas tend to offer a higher wage than those who can be encountered in the rural areas or in the suburbs.

As a phlebotomist, your salary will experience a growth with a couple thousand dollars by adding an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree to your education. The degree level gives you the opportunity to become a supervisor, or have more complex duties like becoming a lab technician or having a role in the administrative parts.

The population growth, the new and improved medical testing are other factors that contribute a lot to the future career outlook for the phlebotomists.